The Theme Of The Columbine

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I believe that one theme of this book is, that you should always watch what you say, how you act, etc. around others. You never know what someone may be going through or what might be going through their head. Eric and Dylan were not born craving murder, throughout their lives people turned them to be that way. Imagine if even only one person stepped up, and decided to invite the “outcasts” to social events or reached a hand out to those who seem in need of a friend. Maybe something as small as a smile could have changed Eric and Dylan’s plan, the Columbine shooting might never have even happened. I believe the book has many other themes, however, this one stuck out the most to me. Throughout the entire time of the boys planning their bombing…show more content…
I think the thing that is glorified is how close the school became post-shooting. It brought everyone out of their “cliques” into one large family. No I do not think that it would encourage copycats. I think that after reading this, and watching documentaries about columbine, people wouldn’t want to cause that much suffering and pain again. Also, the book explains how their plans did not even work out. What was meant to be a bombing to kill everyone, turned into a shooting killing 13. e. Yes, for the most part, Dylan and Eric seemed like completely normal teenage kids. They enjoyed doing things other teens did, they had a job, were preparing for their futures, liked girls, the normal. There was only a few people who saw through their “nice, normal boy” act and one of those people were brooks brown, and brooks family. The fact that they seemed normal for the most part is terrifying. It makes me wonder how boys from nice homes could end up the way they did. It also makes me wonder if anyone I know may be having those same thoughts. f. I believe Dylan changed more in the last two years than Eric. Dylan started out as wanting to
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