Drug Use Among Student Athletes

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June 1995, the Supreme Court of the United States passed a law to randomly drug test students involved in extracurricular activities or sports. A voting decision of 6 to 3 set the law into place. In today’s society, teenagers and young adults become victims of drug abuse and addiction. Young student athletes find themselves faced with low self-esteem, peer pressure, and anxiety. Student athletes fill the void in their lives with the illegal use of drugs (including steroids) and alcohol. Should school officials have the authority to randomly administer drug testing on student athletes? 94

School policies enforce drug-free schools. Student athletes randomly get screened for drugs in their systems. Consequently, when random drug testing first occurred in schools, drug testing caused a ruckus. Some parents and students contested the law, but they had no luck. The law enforces ethical standards that live and stand behind the law. O'Connor argues that “testing randomly chosen student athletes for drugs without a suspicion of wrongdoing violates their right to privacy” (O'Connor, Stevens and Souter 1). Ultimately in society, some people agree to new laws and some don’t. Statistically, drug test results improved amongst student athletes. The Student Drug Testing Institute say, “Hunterdon Central Regional High School in New Jersey saw significant reductions in 20 of 28 drug use categories after 2 years of a drug-testing program (e.g., cocaine use by seniors dropped from 13 percent to 4 percent)” (Student Drug-Testing Institute). 144

A good percentage of student athletes lack knowledge of drugs side effects. The Student Drug Testing Institute say, “Even a single use of an intoxicating drug can affect a person's judgment and decision-maki...

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...l. Teachers, students, and school administrators noticed the weird way Lil Bobby acts during practice and in class. Lil Bobby’s teacher decides to visit his parents. The teacher realizes that Lil Bobby’s parents seemed high on drugs. The teacher told Lil Bobby’s parents about his demeanor in school, and Lil Bobby’s parents looked at the teacher and shrugged their shoulders. The teacher noticed that Lil Bobby displayed some of the same characteristics that his parents displayed. The next day the teacher took it upon herself to seek help for Lil Bobby. Before Lil Bobby could get some help, he overdosed on some pills he found in his parents room. Lil Bobby almost died, thanks to his teacher who took the initiative to seek help when she noticed a change in one of her student’s behavior.

Law makers and school officials ultimate goals reflect positive outcomes.
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