Drug Cartels: Mexico's Deadly Dilemma

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Drug Cartels have been around for decades. Whenever they come around, all they bring is death and destruction. After the original six years of the drug cartels destroying themselves, only two large ones remain. The rest have either been killed, caught or split up into small gangs. The reward for drug trafficking is to make money. However, the drugs they make and distribute are not worth as much as they sell for. Apparently, the more trouble the cartel has to deal with, the more the drugs cost. Drugs are not worth killing, torturing and massacring over. Sadly, the cartels forget that and do whatever it takes to traffic drugs. Security is a large issue to deal with in Mexico because of the drug cartels. The drug cartels create violence and other crimes towards the innocent by-standards. Drug cartels are not afraid to steal weapons from the government and do not mind killing people if they get in the way. The United States has tried helping Mexico with this problem by giving Mexico military and police assistance, including world-class weapons, training and intelligence. However, the cartels that remain are the smartest, deadliest, and most vicious of all. A little modernized …show more content…

“It’s the fastest expanding cartel and they could in the near future overtake the Sinaloa Cartel as the most significant organized group in Mexico.” (Vigil, 7). CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel claim to be allies. However, sources say that CJNG was a part of those who put El Chapo, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, in prison. El Chapo escaped seventeen months later. One of the leaders of CJNG is Daniel Quintero Riestra. “Quintero, also known as “El Dany,” has been sought on murder and kidnapping charges, and is under investigation in the killing of Jalisco’s former secretary of tourism, Jesus Gallegos Alvarez, according to Renato Sales Heredia, head of the National Security Commission.”(Bonello

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