Dr. Martin Luther King: Modern Hero And Its Impact On Our Society

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704 words

"I think a hero is really any person intent on making this a better place for all people," said Maya Angelou. This is one of the many definitions of what heroes are. It is implied that a hero, such as Christopher Columbus, must be admired by their society, as a whole. At the time of his life, Columbus was revered as a hero who brought wealth and claimed land for Spain. However, he is now a very controversial subject, as in doing those things, he murdered and treated Native Americans horrifically. Due to this, society influences our heroes. However, some may say that our modern heroes are stronger than even the hardest of diamonds. But, in reality, the eye of society influences and molds them more than we think. Society affects heroes because …show more content…

They claim "Martin Luther King, Jr., is a hero we consider to have greatly influenced society rather than society having influenced him. Through his leadership in the civil rights movement and through his political protests, he forever altered American society" (Husain, 8). He did not change us on his own. He was first a victim of cruel injustices and this effect from society motivated him to try and change it." Dr. King was not immune to the influences of society around him, as he, and the civil rights movement he led, were affected by the racism and prejudice that was endemic in America at the time…His ability to motivate people to embrace the ideals he preached, and to transform society, was dictated and provided by the specific conditions of the society around him"(Husain, 8). This illustrates that Martin Luther King was first inspired by the animosity and racism ever-so-present in current times to protest and fight against it. King acted upon this influence, changing the culture in turn, and becoming one of our most pivotal heroes. He was created by this society, like many others, and only altered the culture after this

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that a hero, such as christopher columbus, must be admired by their society. the eye of society influences and molds them more than we think.
  • Opines that heroes must mature to fit the current views of society. the vietnam veterans were shunned and their courage spit upon by the public due to the unpopularity of the war.
  • Analyzes how martin luther king, jr., was an everyday hero. he fought for equality, but was not immune to the influences of society around him.
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