Donald Link And The Culinary Art Of Cochon Restaurants

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Raised in sSouthern Louisiana, it is not a surprise that Donald Link was engulfed with the culinary art of Cajun food from a young age. As a child he began to cook with his grandfather, which seeded a love for culinary. This later led him into beginning his professional cooking career at age of fifteen, working in little restaurants in Louisiana. He then took his budding enthusiasm and talents to San Francisco, where he further developed his culinary skills at the California Culinary Academy. In addition, he cooked at famous San Francisco eateries in his spare time, such as the Flying Saucer and Elite Café. Once he completed his culinary courses at the Academy, Chef Link returned to Louisiana where he opened the first of his five restaurants, Herbsaint in New Orleans with Chef Susan Spicer. The success of Herbsaint drove him to open another restaurant six years later in the spring of 2006. Link opened his tribute to the Cajun foods and techniques that sparked his now long and successful career, Cochon Restaurant in New Orleans. A year later, in 2007, Donald Link was nominated for the James Beard award for Best Chef of the South, while Cochon Restaurant was nominated for Best New Restaurant in the same year. In 2012 and 2013, Link was also nominated for honorable award of Outstanding Chef by the same foundation. Gourmet Magazine listed Herbsaint as one of the top fifty restaurants in America, and was inducted into the News Hall of Fame.
Through the Cochon Restaurant, Link was able to bring a slice of rural Louisiana to the city in New Orleans. With that, Cochon was named in the New York Times as one of the top three restaurants “that count” and was named one of twenty most important restaurants in America by Bon Appetite. For hi...

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