Don 't Be A Drama Queen

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I figured that the sooner Margaret returned home, the better it would be for the both of us; so I offered a benevolent pat to her right cheek from the hand it rested on, to which she sluggishly peeled her eyes open with both annoyance and reluctance, which was perceivable by the glancing glare she offered me. “Oh come on, now. Don’t be a drama queen. We need to get you home before your father ends my life,” I encouraged her with a sarcastic inflection to my voice, although I was serious to a degree as I believed that particular outcome to be a possibility. Neglecting to relinquish that fear that loitered in the back of my mind, she sighed, agreed, and laughed before taking notice of my, then, expressionless face and assuring me that while I was right, she was only joking about the possibility of me losing my life that night. I opted to not indulge in her prodding fun, and pivoted from Margaret to face the direction of our destination, pausing to place my right elbow in a bent position so that my fist lied just under my chest on the right side, and so that my elbow faced outward for her take. Thoughts began to impede my peaceful outlook on my gesture, about whether it was too forward to want her to take my arm in such a way, or if I was simply overthinking; and it seemed that the latter was most plausible. Besides, in that moment, my sole intentions were to both make her feel safe, to ensure her safe arrival home, and nothing more or less. “Why, thank you, kind sir. Such a gentleman, you are,” I heard Margaret exclaim from just beyond my right shoulder. She arrived promptly after her words slid from her tongue, offered a brief curtsy, took my arm with her left, and clasped it with her right hand as she learned her head agai... ... middle of paper ... ...ress from walking, and free despite their confinement to their cells in my boots all day. My feet began to ache, as I pitied their efforts, begging for respite and yearning for solace as I began to utilize them once more by trudging up the stairs towards my bedroom. Stepping foot into my room, which felt as if I had stumbled upon a sanctuary designated solely for me, I walked towards my side of the bed, pulled the cool, enticing sheets down for my entry, jumped into place without caring to shed my filth stricken clothes, and nestled the left side of my face against the pillow. My skin immediately began exalt and praise me for draping them in cool sensations, and my mind immediately took for Margaret, her beauty, worry for her, our day, and continued this trend until my eyes could no longer support themselves, and collapsed under their own weight.
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