Compare And Contrast Aeneas And Sir Gawain

Though Aeneas and Sir Gawain may be from different areas of the world, and even from vastly different time periods, they do share many qualities with one another, as well as many differences. Some of the qualities that Aeneas and Sir Gawain share are their loyalty and dutifulness, and piety. There are many differences as well, and some of those include their military standing, and their religious affiliation.

In both characters loyalty and dutifulness is a central ideal that they stick to. In The Aeneid Aeneas’ loyalty and sense of duty is seen in many instances, such as when they arrive on the shores of Italy and takes refuge Dido’s city of Carthage. While there, Aeneas and his people feast and live well, and Aeneas has the opportunity
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Both Sir Gawain and Aeneas have undeniable faith in their respective gods. Aeneas shows his devotion to the will of the gods numerous times throughout The Aeneid, one example is when the gods speak to him in a dream and tell him that his father was mistaken when he said Crete was their destiny. During the night as Aeneas lay asleep, he says “Then it seemed they spoke to comfort me With these words” (212-213), in these lines, he is referring to the gods which he says he appeared before him and caused cold sweats. “Breathless with awe at these appearances, At the divine voice-for I saw them, large as life, before me, The veiled heads and the faces near at hand, So cold sweat soaked me from head to foot” (239-243). When Aeneas sees this image he jumps from bed to pour offerings into the fire. This shows Aeneas’ devotion to the gods and their commands to him. Sir Gawain is a very pious person as well. He shows often that God plays an important role in his life throughout the story. Though throughout the story he may often do thing that seem out of character for a Christian, such as when he takes the Green Girdle from lady Bertilak to protect him from harm. She said to him “For the man that possesses this piece of silk, If he bore it on his body, belted about, There is no hand under heaven that can hew him down,” (1851-1853). Sir Gawain is tempted by this offer of magic and this is against Christian views, though…show more content…
Aeneas was a Pagan and his world was full of many gods, who he spoke to often. There are many times when Aeneas spoke and prayed to different gods to help him along his journey, one example being when he was told that his fate was to go to Italy to settle. There is also a time when Aeneas is going through the underworld and speaks with his dead father, and learns the fate of the reused souls will be his descendants in their new land. These things show that Aeneas’ religious experiences are much different from Sir Gawain’s religious experiences. Sir Gawain is a devout Christian who unlike Aeneas only prays to one god for everything. God is not as present in Sir Gawain’s time as it was in Aeneas’ time, he did not play a direct part and come down and speak to Gawain throughout the story as Aeneas’ gods did. Though they may not be the same religion, they are both faithful in their gods and show that throughout the

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