Domestic Violence Case Study

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I. Background Information Domestic violence is a universal phenomenon, with millions of people as victims and perpetrators (World Health Organization (WHO), 2012). It destroys homes and families. Victimization occurs regardless of race, gender, religion, class, and sexual orientation. The term is often used to refer to violence that occurs between two people in an intimate relationship, but extends to violence against children and the elderly (Valiulis, 2014, p.124). I use the term domestic violence in this research refers to intimate partner violence. Globally, 30% of women have endured either physical or sexual abuse at the hands of their partner (WHO, 2012, p.2). Unfortunately I was not able to find a reliable global statistic on the victimization of men. Around the world, countries are moving to criminalize…show more content…
Despite all of the gains for women in education, employment and leadership, rates of violence and harassment have not shifted significantly for the better in decades (Beeby, 2015). China has been selected because it is an emerging world leader and history has shown that “smaller” countries tend to imitate the leading country’s culture. It is therefore important to look at how this country is responding to incidents of domestic violence. It is however a good step that china is drafting its first national domestic violence law (BBC News, 2015). It is not only enough to draft one but to pass and implement it as the law of the land. Domestic violence is a huge problem in Egypt. It is important to have additional study on this country in order to make this silent epidemic public. Egypt does not have official statistics on domestic violence thus suggesting there is no such problem Ammar, 2000, p. 32). The unfortunate consequence of this is that, victims are suffering in
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