Does Media Influence Violence in the Behavior of Children?

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Critical Reading in Early Childhood Studies

Does media influence violence in the behaviour of children?

In this assignment, I will be writing about whether or not media such as television, comic books, music, video games, internet and movies influence violence in the way children behaves.

Media influences violent behaviour in children because they learn what they see, also the heroes in cartoons or movies receive rewards for using violence to solve a situation therefore children might think or believe that this is the right way to solve problems related to their everyday life.

Joseph T. Klapper indicates that the fear of crime and violence in today's media is common amongst parents, guardians and carer.

Most researchers suggests children watch no more than an hour a day to avoid the problems of heavy viewing.(Kundanis 2008). From the research I carried out (graph A) it shows that most children watch up to five hours or more of television daily.

Research on intervention programs has indicated that we can reduce some of the impact of media violence by empowering parents in their roles as monitors of children viewing programs (Geen 1998). this shows that in as much as there is violence in the media, parents can minimise this violence by monitoring and controlling the programs their children watch by creating time limits on television daily and by watching television programs with their children.

On the other hand the myth about parents' role is that children watch too much violence due to parental neglect or absence. (Kundanis 2008). Parents may have to leave their children due to certain circumstances such as going to work. There are certain restriction that television has that children cannot access without pare...

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