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Doctor Who is a British science fiction series, which has been one of the most successful television projects of the past fifty years. It has became an iconic image of British culture, influencing several generations of its fans and popular culture in general. A main premise of the series is to follow a humanoid alien time traveller, Doctor Who, who, while traveling through time and space, aids humanity, and encounters various alien races and experiences varied adventures. This programme has been created as a part of a science fiction television genre (Chambliss, 2013).
This essay is going to discuss a depiction of technology and science within this series, and what cultural processes have influenced the ways these are presented. It will take into account an entire history of this television series, from its beginning in 1963 until its present episodes. One a one hand, it will be suggested that technology and science are a core of Doctor Who, presenting scientific knowledge, innovations and suggesting future course of these. The paper will also point to technological progress within the series' production. On the other hand, it will be described how the concepts of science and technology are used in Doctor Who to express a cultural sentiment of its time. It will be addressed how the programme purposefully uses science and technology, in order to educate its audience, to question technology, and to exploit the sci-fi genre for creating a social commentary in any period in time. Doctor Who's popularity is, at least in part, a result of its own engagement with contemporary science (Leitch, 2013). Thus, this essay will attempt to present the purpose of science within the television series Doctor Who, and to analyse its ...

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