Essay On Nurse Patient Relationship

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Peplau's theories has laid the foundations for all who wants to build a relationship and can be seen as a guide to help with any interventions with patients. The nurse-patient relationship has been defined as an on going relationship whilst that patient needed that care. The relationship between nurse and the patient must have honesty, humility and is based on a partnership which is negotiated between them both (Peterson and Bredow 2009). Peplau (1991) describes nursing as an interpersonal process between the nurse and the client, it aims to help identify the clients problems and how to relate to them. A therapeutic relationship is a trusting relationship which is made up of 2 or more people which contribute and help towards the care of the patient (Forster 2001). To build up this trust there must be good communication between both parties. Nursing is a communicative intervention and is founded on effective communication (Nursing Planet 2011). For a relationship to build there must be a lot of time spent between two parties. A nurse-patient relationship must have time to develop so that they can be able to identify illness and ways to help meet their needs. The nurse spends more time with a patient than a doctor, and therefore has more opportunity not only to observe but also talk with and come to know the patient (Barker 2009). For a relationship to build there has to be great contributions from both Nurse and Patient, from having regular and private interaction, to be honest and congruent, to let the patient set the pace, to listen to the patients concerns and to promote the patients comfort whilst in the meeting with them. The development of the nurse-patient relationship in Mental Health is the heart to any treatment approache... ... middle of paper ... ...lly recovered and is ready to be discharged from hospital. Secondly the patient has been transferred to a different ward/ hospital for further treatment and assessment or Thirdly the patient has lost their life during the time they were in your care. For a person to manage with their auditory hallucination it is massive that a good effective therapeutic relationship is built, which is promoted right through the work of Peplau. Once a nurse treats that person with dignity and respect it will help the patient cope with the illness that they have and will help set goals and targets. It will help shatter the trust barrier which can be done via the means of good communication, spending enough time talking and listening to the patient which brings means for change as the Nurse listens and acts to negotiate change that promotes the patients well being (Nursing Planet 2011).
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