Fitness? Avoiding Unhealthy Habits

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What is Fitness? Avoiding Unhealthy Habits
The 5 components of fitness are often used in Once you've lost weight thanks toyour our school systems, health clubs and fitness improved lifestyle, then work hard to centers to gauge how good a shape we are truly maintain your weight instead of cycling up and in. The 5 components that make up total fitness down the scale. are: 1. Cardiovascular Endurance Stay away from craze diets. Try to avoid liquid diets,
2. Muscular Strength diet pills and other diet supplements unless you are
3. Muscular endurance under the supervision of a physician.
4. Flexibility
5. Body Composition -Exercise in moderation. Working out too long, too
Total fitness is defined by how well the often or with too much intensity can increase your body performs in each one of the components risk for injury. Make sure to build in some rest of physical fitness as a whole. It is not enough to periods between your workouts. be able to bench press your body weight. You also need to determine how well you can handle Know what you weigh. Being overweight and being running a mile etc. underweight are not healthy states of being. Consult
A closer look at the individual components: your doctor or a reputable weight chart that shows -Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart ideal weights for your age and body type. and lungs to work together to provide the needed oxygen and fuel to the body during sustained Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol intake. workloads. Examples would be jogging, cycling and swimming. The Cooper Run is used most often Get plenty of sleep. it has been proven by studies to t...

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...soft drinks, sugary fruit juices and white recommendations. Get moving. Ask if there are bread. Choose whole fruits, freshly-squeezed juices nearby hiking or walking trails, local fitness and whole grain bread instead. facilities or other interesting activities.
-Incorporate organic foods. Shop at a natural food store or buy food from your local farmer's market.
Get Some Exercise
-Start and finish your workout with stretching. written by Yahaira Fernandez
Stretching will warm up your muscles before you work out and will relax your muscles after you work out.

-Go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week. Work out for half an hour to an hour, combining both cardio and strength training programs.
-Enjoy rigorous daily activities. Both high-intensity gardening and housekeeping can exercise your body.
-Ditch your car. Walk or bike to your destination instead.

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