Do Single Gender Schools Help Students Learn Better?

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You walk into an average school and you see students learning, listening, and engaging in a lecture. So would it matter if those students were all male or female. Students learn and interact with other students every day. Though, at middle or high school students get distracted and they learn at different paces. They worry about how they are perceived by other students. They don't learn as well. They worry about the opposite gender. These problems can be solved easily. If students were in single gender schools opposed to co-ed schools students would be able to engage in school better.
It has been said that students who are in gender specific schools will develop gender stereotypes. By placing them in a single gender environment, "We are in fact, enhancing sexual stereotyping" (Halpern). However, this is not the case. Students in gender specific schools aren't just around the same students. When they return home, they might go hang out with other students. It's not as if the students are prohibited from meeting with other people of the opposite gender. Therefore, students can't get stereotypes stuck in their head, if they have not been taught them.
Some people think that students in coed schools are just as intelligent as children in single gender schools. Although, this isn't the case. Single gender schools target certain learning strategies pertaining to that specific gender. These tactics help students learn and develop skills effortlessly. Rather than trying to teach one thing two ways they save time by teaching one thing one way. On average, 37% of male students in coed schools score proficient on a state test compared to an 86% in single gender schools (Tricket). This proves that students comprehend to a grea...

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...y for tests or focus on extra curicular activities. Plus, They can take the classes they want without being uncomfortable. Making it easier for them to learn what they want to do at an earlier age. They end up receiving a high quality education with the same amount of work put into teaching. Students should be placed in single gender schools because they allow students to engage in schoolbetter. Isn't that the point of education anyway?

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