Diversity Training: Defining Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination

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DIVERSITY TRAINING Goal The goal of this training is to enhance employee’s understanding of diversity and provide them with skills to effectively interact with people from diverse backgrounds. It is the company’s aim is to encourage employees to examine their own perceptions, values and biases, to provide strategies to respond effectively to situations arising from diversity, and offer skills to promote positive workplace interactions with various ages, genders, cultures and ethnic backgrounds Objectives • To provide training on diversity to employees • To provide a process for employees to enhance their understanding and skills for working in a diverse environment • To create opportunities for self-awareness and sharing with others to broaden one’s knowledge, and perspectives in workplace situations • To identify similarities and differences between people of different racial and ethnic groups. • To challenge commonly held stereotypes related to racial and ethnic groups. Diversity training and education allows us to develop awareness, understanding, and the skills needed to create essential working relationships. This training provides the tools for acknowledging, challenging and dismantling the barriers, beliefs and attitudes that prevent some people from benefiting from the perspectives of others at work. This training is designed to assist employees in creating a truly inclusive work environment by: • Offering ways to reflect about one's own attitudes on diversity and discrimination • Acknowledging the need to take individual responsibility for working toward equality and the elimination of discrimination; • Working toward removing barriers that isolate groups of people • Providing opportunities for individuals to take actio... ... middle of paper ... ...ion, political belief, etc. Prejudice is an opinion, value or attitude whereas discrimination is an action one takes based on their prejudices. Never assume that forms of oppression are the same. Discrimination based on race or color is different from age discrimination. There may be some similar feelings but the effects are very different. You don’t grow out of your color. As different cultures interact with each other, some experiences are not going to go very smoothly. This is because some people may not be accustomed to how other cultures act and communicate. The important thing to remember is that as individuals we must do everything we can to make every interaction we have with new and/or different people a good one. When one considers our world from such an incredibly compressed perspective, the need for awareness and understanding becomes glaringly apparent.

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