Diversity In The Workplace Case Study

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Diversity is seen as the difference among people. These factors include gender, race, ethnicity, age,sexual orientation,religion,capabilities/disabilities. A Diverse workplace,in the last 30 years, has become an important issue to emerge, and it’s effects this can have on an organisation. More and more research has gone into a diverse workplace and the effects it can have on an organisations competitive advantage. Although having diverse workplace, brings about opportunities and threats, diversity is complex and careful planning needs to be taken for organisations to succeed. 3 factors which have lead to the diversity in the workplace is 1) Australia’s multicultural society, 2) recognition of the benefits of having a diverse workplace and competitiveness, and 3) The changing of attitudes in organisations about what is important for it to succeed and have a competitive advantage. Furthermore, a…show more content…
But before beginning to discuss the factors which have lead to the emphasis on workplace diversity, First we have to discuss what we actually mean by diversity. Diversity is seen as the differences which people have, amounting from factors such as age,gender,race,ethnicity,religion,sexual orientation,socio economic background and capabilities or disabilities. This raises important and ethical and social issues. If not handled well can cause negative effects to the organisation, especially in an increasingly global environment today. But what 3 factors have led to more diversity in the Australian workforce? The first factor Is Australia’s national identity which still continues to influence its socio-cultural as well as economic potential. Within the Western world, Australia has

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