Distability Studies: Cyberfeminist And Disability

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Disability studies, like Cyberfeminism, is still developing. It’s an area of analysis and activism that’s open to some interpretation, accounting for the individual lived experiences of both individuals with impairments, and others who are affected by the stigmas disability carries. Disability is its own dichotomy that needs to be critically considered, and ultimately disbanded so that worth is not determined by a perceive lack or abundance of anything. Kafer concludes her argument for a more politically situated disability by reminding the reader that we all have “sifting abilities,” whether that be of body or of mind (13). Age, accidents, and environment can all change our level of ability at any time. So, therefore, the historical, social,…show more content…
Some such technologies include reproductive technologies designed to see and care for mothers and fetuses prior to birth, physical prosthetics to aid with average daily motion, and machines designed to aid quality of life. While, from the outside, all of these may seem like helpful and important advancements, by examining how individuals use and interact with these technologies, we can evaluate the value of their use and potential consequences. Specifically considering the topic of body modification, this can mean several things, from Cochlear Implants to reconstructive surgery. Body modification is important to consider because one’s sense of embodiment “shifts over time or by context (Kafer 4).” While this quote specifically applies to disability, it’s used here to further emphasize how something as large as surgically changing one’s body can impact how they see themselves, and change that sense of self more permanently than temporary use of the aforementioned technologies. While having similar takes on the idea of body modification, and its effects on embodiment, both theories ultimately approach the subject slightly

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