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546 words

Disney, a corporation who has a reputation of manufacturing incredible films, and who surpasses those expectations. Disney is the leader of the film industry, a company’s whose name almost every child in the Northern Hemisphere has heard of. Does no one wonder about what it takes to make such a large and prominent company? Does no one want to know what obstacles it faced, what it had to overcome, and what is next for the company? The story of Disney is an impressive one, a tale of a young cartoonist doing what he loved and making other people happy in the processes. A tale of what Disney had to do to make it big and what lead an unknown animator from Illinois to creating the biggest children’s movie company ever.

After Walt Disney had discovered he preferred working on his own to working for another art studio, he began his own cartoon company- Laugh-O-Grams. Sadly, though, by 1923, the studio had become burdened with debt, and Walt was forced to declare bankruptcy. Disney and his brother, Roy, soon pooled their money and moved to Hollywood. There the three began the Disney Brot...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that disney is the leader of the film industry, a company whose name almost every child in the northern hemisphere has heard of. disney's story is an impressive one.
  • Narrates how walt disney and his brother, roy, pooled their money and moved to hollywood, where they began the disney brothers' studio.
  • Explains that disney created silly symphonies, which featured mickey's newly created friends, including minnie mouse, donald duck, goofy and pluto. the three little pigs became a theme for the country in the midst of the great depression.
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