Discussion of Legalization of Drugs

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Discussion of Legalization of Drugs

In modern society, nowadays, there is a large debate on whether the

drugs should be legalized. Under this topic, each of us has a

different value, so we may not come up with the same position, but

people probably just consider the word ‘legalize’ and ignore the

source of this debate. What are drugs? Why is it illicit to use drugs?

First of all, what do drugs exactly mean to people? This is

fundamental to understand their potential abuse.

A psychoactive substance is something that people take to change the

way they feel, think or behave. Some of these substances are called

drugs, and others, like alcohol and tobacco, are considered dangerous

but are not called drugs. Following the significant improvement of

technology, today there are in total, more than 200 different kinds of

drugs[1] in the world. These can be divided into two groups based on

their origin – natural and synthetic drugs. In the past, most drugs

were made from plants, such as the coca bush for cocaine, opium

poppies for heroin and cannabis for marijuana. Now drugs such as

ecstasy or phencyclidine are produced by synthesizing various

chemicals. Drugs of abuse fall into three categories according to

their effect on user’s central nervous system (CNS): depressants,

stimulants and hallucinogens, and are either ingested, inhaled,

smoked, injected or snorted.

Depressants, such as heroin and barbiturates, are sedatives that act

on the nervous system. They provide artificial relaxation and relief

from anxiety and mental stress but tend to produce psychological

dependence; withdrawal from heavy use is severe. Stimulants are agents


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...roducts, like alcohol in the 1920s, that people want and

will ignore the authorities to obtain. Nothing will stop the desire

for any product that people want. Since lots of people have tried to

prohibit drugs but unsuccessful, the only thing we can do now is try

to find out a middle course to mitigate this problem. And this is my

personal suggestion of the middle course.


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