Discuss The Difference Between Pseudo Science And Pseudo-Science

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When it comes to the word ‘science’ most of the people have some kind of knowledge about science or when they think of it there is some kind of image related to science, a theory, scientific words or scientific research, many different sorts of ideas float into an individual’s mind. Every individual has a different perception about science and how he/she perceives it. This illustrates that each individual can identify science in some sort of form. This indicates that science plays a vital role in our everyday lives (Lederman & Tobin, 2002). It seems that everyone can identify science but cannot differentiate it properly from pseudo-science and non-science (Park,1986). This essay will address the difference between science, non-science and…show more content…
Karl Popper a great philosopher thinks that the only way to differentiate between science and pseudo-science is when a theory can be tested scientifically or not (those that are not scientifically tested and those that can be) (Popper,1962). Psychology is in the domain of science. This is supported by Popper, Marxism and Freudian as their proponents present psychology as science but none of the theories in psychology are proper scientific theories (Parse, 1995, Cioffi,1985 & Grünbaum, 1979). Another area of pseudo-science is astrology…show more content…
However, the explanation to the first question is not as simple. The word “faith” has different meanings, it has different senses. One way it can be defined to trust something on the grounds of faith that associated to the meaning of to belive something which lacks evidence. In other way, it means to trust or believe something which is not support by sufficient evidence to prove its true. Other meaning is to believe in something indicating to rely on or to trust on it. People have both kinds of faith in God. Some religious people have faith in God in second sense, they do not accept the first definition of faith which is to believe on basis of faith. This is due to the believe that those people think there is a very strong evidence of existence of God provided. In this particular scenario, science is not a matter or about believing in faith (Hansson,2008). Scientists have second type of faith in science, they believe in science which has been provided by evidence. They do not consider scientific theories, claims and explanations which do not provide sufficient evidence. Hence, scientific claims and non-scientific claims are equivalent in the second sense i.e. to have faith in something. Scientists demonstrate and explain science and the way the world works by providing strong evidence. This has helped and increased our ability to understand, predict and control things which are supported by evidence and scientific

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