Discrimination Against Mexican Immigration

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Discrimination Against Mexican Immigrants in the US and its effects
The immigration is a problem that has been growing up for the last decades in United States, and the most part of this problem is related to immigrants that come from Mexico. One of the reasons why most of the immigrants are from Mexico is because Mexico share borders with the US, but also because the immigrants are convinced that if they go to the US they will have a better life pursuing things like the common called “American Dream”. These immigration problems have caused many issues between different races and because of this there is many discrimination against the immigrants. This is clearly seen with Mexicans, even more compared to different immigrants from other races, …show more content…

In the article Border Enforcement And Selection Of Mexican Immigrants In The United States, Lozano shows that “between 1992 and 2007, the annual budget for border enforcement operations increased from $400 million to $1.94 billion” (78). This shows how this issue is something that has been growing in the last decades, and how by using more money they are trying to solve or at least control the problem. Also we can see how the population of immigrants started growing up in the last decades “The Latino population in the United States (USA) increased by 57.9 per cent from 1990 to 2000… Much of the increase in the Latino population in the USA is due to immigration, particularly from Mexico” (Becerra 21). This quote shows why the US government started to spend more money and make new laws that involved immigrants: in order to reduce and control the number of immigrants that was growing too fast. The fact that they are trying to control and reduce the number of immigrants is one of the reasons why discrimination against Mexicans is probably the worst in the US: since they are the biggest group of immigrants in the US. In the last years most of the immigrants who come from Mexico are illegal immigrants, and this fact make people discriminate immigrants even more. As Becerra says in his article The Impact Of Anti-Immigration Policies And Perceived Discrimination In The United States On Migration Intentions Among Mexican Adolescents, “Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans have historically suffered discrimination, exploitation and segregation in various aspects of society in the USA… [But] the anti-immigrant policies, media coverage and public opinion in the USA may cause Mexicans to perceive US society

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