Disadvantages Of Pop Up Prisons

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Alternatively, pop-up prisons could be utilized to tackle the current prison overcrowding issue. Pop-up prisons are most commonly used by the military in deployed locations. These prisons can be set up rather quickly with minimal resources and funding and are generally used for temporary purposes. (Silmalis) These prisons could be used for nonviolent offenders in the United States, more specifically, Nebraska. These prisons would require less staff and can house up to 1,000 inmates which could provide immense benefits. While pop-up prisons are humane, these prisons are known to be less comfortable and accommodating than normal prisons currently in the United States. This means that these new prisons could potentially curb crime rates by creating a deterrent for crime. Pop-up prisons can be employed for three different purposes. First, these types of prisons could be utilized for the primary purpose of controlling overflow in current Nebraska prisons. This means that pop-up prisons will ultimately be applied as an addition to the previously built prisons. Pop-up prisons could also replicate minimum security prisons. Due to the fact that pop-up prisons typically require less security, nonviolent offenders would be the perfect…show more content…
This has been proven to be the best way in reducing recidivism rates. Ex-convicts are less likely to become repeat offenders when presented with rehabilitation programs. States such as California and Louisiana offer some of the best rehabilitation programs and have the listed recidivism rates in the United States. Lower in the recidivism rates in Nebraska would dramatically decrease the prison population due ex-convicts going back to prison less frequently. Not only would this method reduce prison overcrowding, it would also reduce crime rates and assist ex-convicts in getting back on their

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