Disadvantages Of Case Study Approach

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In Psychological Research various methods are used to acquire information to prove a specific hypothesis or forecast. One of these methods which necessitates special care and consideration is a case study approach. This particular approach to research allows for the researcher to use skilled procedures to extensively examine a single unit or anomaly. History displays, this strategy as a nonexperimental qualitative approach but in research today, a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative is used. According to Crawford (2016), a case study is defined as “A research methodology that is an in-depth observation of an individual, animal, event, or treatment method” (p.73). However, this definition is modified across disciplines, consequently, creating a variance in the quality of the technique. Today the case study approach is one of the most frequently used methods of research. Although the case study approach provides many advantages, one being a critical investigation into the subject, it also has its disadvantages, some of which jeopardize the effectiveness of the analysis.…show more content…
It is used to describe subjects with distinctive patterns of progression, such as a disease. Likewise, when delicate handling is required, the case study approach is best to lessen the hostility of an unpleasant situation. Case study research permits a profound analysis of intricate situations, an assessment to better comprehend its root cause and the influence it has on a particular entity. In addition, the case study techniques, allows for a practical approach to research, therefore many researchers use this style of research to get a realistic point of view. There are many reasons for applying the case study approach to research, but to understand the “how’s” and “why’s” of a situation can help to forecast a different scenario when those variables are taken

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