Disadvantages In My American Girls

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After watching My American Girls, I realized the advantages and the disadvantages that immigrants face in the United States. The Ortiz family were first generation immigrants, from the Dominican Republic. The film really emphasized on the compromises many immigrants face when pursuing the American Dream. The film also gave an in-depth analysis of the daughters, who are caught between their parents values that descend from the Dominican Republic and their own. The film encompasses the paradoxes of cotemporary immigrant life. It is incomprehensible for one to grasp what life is like for an immigrant. However, for many individuals this is their reality. During this century, in the United States, Cubans, Dominicans, Haitians, Jamaicans, and Puerto…show more content…
The repercussions of migration were well defined in the film, My American Girls. The Ortiz family first migrated to New York due to the deficiency of work in the Dominican Republic. The Ortiz family lifestyles, consumption preferences, and value had been transformed. The family slowly assimilated to the society norms. Surprisingly, the family was able to stay in tact with a majority of their cultural practices. The bi-cultural vitality that the family retains is remarkably impressive. The challenges faced by Juan and Sandra really allows for outsiders to gain a better understanding of the hardships immigrants face on a day- to- day basis. Sandra and Bautista work as housekeepers as well as cleaning services for the hospital to sustain the household. Working long hours leaves Sandra and Bautista little time to attend to their children. This results in the two youngest girls neglecting to do their homework. The Ortiz parents have made vast sacrifices in order to provide for their family. Throughout the film, the family was constantly struggling over culture, education, and familial expectations. I found it very heartwarming that although these differences did exists amongst family members they were still able to maintain as a family unit. The constant battle between personal aspirations and parental sacrifices seemed to be the reoccurring theme of the film. It is apparent that as acculturation increases traditional cultural values decreases. Myra, Monica, and Aida can most definitely be seen as “American

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