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According to Cabaulgh and rozycky (20010, plagiarism is academic dishonesty and it is on the increase, especially among students. These students tend to draw the line between right and wrong to suit their situation, although they might genuinely be unaware of the repercussions of plagiarism. Scholars define the word plagiarism as simply stealing other people’s ideas or works, in a word, cheating. However, this can have serious effects and sometimes lead to heavy legal penalties. This widespread behavior starts from as early as the primary level through to university, leaving teachers wondering on the best way to curb plagiarism.
Research shows that the main cause of plagiarism among students is the heavy workload of weekly assignments given to them (Neville 2010). Such work requires a lot of research bringing in the problem of plagiarism. However, one cannot deny that some students are just lazy, with no ambition to learn. On the other hand, there are people who are slow to learn and the only way to acquire high marks will be through cheating. Surprisingly, a few of these students will say they do not know plagiarism is cheating. This will require educators to devise models of curbing this illegal practice. This paper addresses how to curb the problem of plagiarism in schools.
How Educators Should Deal With Plagiarism
An effective response from these teachers includes having a positive solution that will advise these students how to become better writers, and scholars, while applying a similar tone in the syllabus. Most teachers tend to address plagiarism with harshness, emphasizing the heavy penalties that come with it. However, research shows that the society more often responds positively to such situations, throug...

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... not only face penalties from the school, but the school will advise them on the other legal actions that the owners of the information could take against them. This will be for protection purposes and not to threaten or instill fear. There are serious charges related to plagiarism, and the school has a duty to prepare the students for their future writing career.
Plagiarism is cheating, and every learning institution should be discourage. There is a need to apply plagiarism software in order to curb this habit. However, it is important for schools to address the repercussions of the plagiarizing of work. Penalties may also apply to those with plagiarized work, as a disciplinary measure. It is unfortunate that some students may not understand the effects of plagiarism, thus it the duty of teacher to enlighten them in order to enhance their writing skills.
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