Digital Camera Advantages And Disadvantages

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Digital Camera: A digital camera is a device that allows you to take photos and also record videos. A digital camera can also edit your images in an editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Most digital cameras have different pixels and lens which you can the best specs if you pay the price. Advantages and limitations: The advantages of a digital camera is that it is portable which means that the user can take pictures around world just by putting the device in their bag. Another advantage of using digital camera is that you can take lots of pictures depending if the size of their memory card, this advantage is very good for graphics work as the user can use different images to test their tools on. The next advantage of digital camera is that the pictures you have taken can be stored into an external device so you can delete the images in your camera to clear up the space and take more pictures. This can be done by a USB cable or a memory card that can be connected into your computer or laptop. This is important as you can use the images in programs such as Photoshop. The last advantage of digital camera is that you can delete the pictures you want and keep the pictures you want to keep. This is important because it will make more space in your memory card to take pictures. The limitations of a digital camera is that when someone takes a pictures, the image takes lots of space in your memory card which leads to the user to buy larger storage memory card which is very expensive to buy. This is a drawback because the user can only take a certain amount of images which he is not able to take lots of pictures to test them out in a program such as Microsoft paint. Another limitations is when a hard disk or memory card is corrupted th... ... middle of paper ... ...oftware’s are easy to use for users, however paint will be much easier to use as it has fewer tools and effects than Photoshop. Another point is that both software’s has lots of different colours, shapes and fonts to choose from which an advantage for both programs is. The next point is that Photoshop has lots of layers to use however, paint can only have one layer to put everything thing in. A layer is an important tool as it allows user to put different effect and features to each layer and then can merge the layers or delete the layers if they are not good enough, this is important in making a graphic work. The last point to compare is that paint does not have filters or retouching options to put in an image however Photoshop has all these features. These filters and retouching options are used to remove dust and scratches from old images to making them look new.

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