Different Aspects of Love in Poetry

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Different Aspects of Love in Poetry



We have studied the greatest love poems ever written by men and women.

These poets have used poems to emphasise their feelings and

experiences of love and relationship.

From these love poems written by famous poets, we find out that love

is a complex subject matter and different poets intend to illustrate

the aspects of love in their poems.

These aspects are categorised into three different sections: firstly

we see the joy of love; secondly the sexual desires of love and

finally the pain of love.

All of these aspects of love come from different periods of time. This

era includes: William Shakespeare-16th Century; Donne and Marvell-17th

Century; Byron, Wordsworth and Clare-19th Century: time of the

romantic poets, Barrett Browning and Rossetti-late 19th Century: time

of the Victorian poets.

The following essay will express how these poets deal with the aspects

of love and what we learn about different aspects of love from poetry

spanning a period of several hundred years.

“Sonnet 18”, written by William Shakespeare (1564-1616). He was an

English playwright and a poet, recognised in much of the world as the

greatest of all dramatists. Scholars have written thousands of books

and articles about his plots, characters, themes and language. He is

the most widely quoted author in history, and his plays have probably

been performed more times than those of any other dramatist.


Shakespeare was also known for his plays and his sonnets are still

among the world’s best-loved poems.


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...mparing it to positive and personal things and also believing that

your love will last forever even after death will signify the trust

and love that two people shared. In addition I have learnt you can use

persuasive devices to convince your partner to give into your desires

and also the loss of a loved one or the disappointment of love when it

isn’t returned can have a profound effect on a person’s well being

mentally and physically, this was expressed through the emotional and

dramatic Romantic poems.

To summarise, I have learnt that love can lead to happiness, where

there is trust, love and care between two people to the sexual stress,

where you want your partner to give into the sexual side of love to

the end or loss of love, where someone you love dearly dies or the

person you love doesn’t feel the same way about you and your love

isn’t returned.

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