Differences Between The Crucible Movie And Movie

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I’m sure you’ve debated with yourself many time the book or the movie. This essay proves to you why the movie version is so much better. John Proctor was without a single doubt the best character in The Crucible. The film did an impeccable job of conveying a much better picture of what truly happened in the years 1692 and 1693. Even tho many people may consider the book to be the better version of The Crucible their reasons do not compare to the reasons I have written to prove that the movie is the best version. The movie did a much better version of giving us more details and more personality out of the characters such as John Proctor. In the book, John Proctor was a dry and dull character but in the movie, he is incredibly influential.…show more content…
Daniel Day-Lewis was even nominated for some awards in the film such as Best Actor and best cast ensemble. John Proctor was one of the most influential characters in the film. During the motion picture, when the court cases were going on what he said was pretty much as good as gold. No matter how many other people were going against John Proctor the judge still listened to his word. Judge Hathorne didn’t do this because of favoritism but because he has been the most trustworthy person in all of Salem Village for many years. Everyone thought he was the best, up until the little girls—who could not lie according to bible—started swearing against him, then his name in the village went down the…show more content…
In the book, Sara Good confesses to witchcraft because she has a baby on the way, but in the movie, she did it because she knew if she confessed she wouldn’ be hung. Also in the book Abigail Williams pulled a needle out of her stomach at the dinner table, which later becomes to be a big factor in the court cases. In the novel Tituba is actually threatened into confession or else she would be whipped and deported. All of these factors could come into play when determining someone’s mind on which version is better, but by far the movie did a much better job all
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