Differences Between Democrats And Republicans

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The United States is a country with a two-party structure, which is a political system where people give their votes largely to only two major parties, the Republican and Democrat Party; in which one or the other party can win a majority in the government. Even though the republicans and democrats have many similarities, they tend to be overshadowed by individual party ideas. With so many primary differences between the two parties, finding matters or problems that citizens agree upon can be difficult. However, not all people are either republican or democrat. Due to the similarities and differences within the parties, voters can fall into both political parties. Republicans tend to be more conservative, religious and seeking a better economy. Democrats are more liberal and desire greater good in terms of welfare for people. The republican and democrats have strong beliefs on certain issues such as immigration. Republicans want border security to be the main focus and top priority for the first proceeding, and democrats want to help the immigrants out with the process of becoming legal immigrants if their standards meet the qualifications, to proceed first. Over the years republicans and democrats have stayed lobbying for immigration bill; however, the political parties have different viewpoints on application of the bill. The republicans and democrats want to help immigration as one but at different periods. Democrats debate cruel immigration guidelines have torn families apart and lead to deportation of honest, hardworking immigrants. President Barack Obama made executive arrangements that were cautious to the legal changes to temporarily protect immigrants that meet the requirements of no criminal history and had mandatory doc... ... middle of paper ... ...cedence in immigration improvement. The Democrat Party was in agreement with President Obama executive decision on immigration. There has been an extended history of Presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, taking required executive actions to improve our immigration structure. Every president of the United States, to the current President Barack Obama, has taken action to address immigration matters. As a result, many additional immigrants have come to the United States of America, remained, and contributed to the strength of the United States. The confusion is on the order in which needs to be proceeded first, border security or to help immigration out with the process of becoming legal immigrants if their standards meet the qualifications. Not all republicans and democrats settle with others of their assembly, the majority is mostly conflicting for both sides.
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