Differences And Similarities Between America And The United States

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There is many countries in the world and they all have differences and similarities between them. The United States and Yemen have many things in common as will as things that are really different. In fact, Yemen is located in Asia and the United States North America. From many differences and similarities, this essay will focus on the education system on three main points’ basic education, secondary education, and university education. First, the basic education brings together a lot of common things between the two countries. Children’s in the United States and in Yemen start their elementary school at age six or seven. Even more, most elementary schools students in both countries from first to fourth grade stays in one classroom throughout …show more content…

One of the things in common is the technology that been used in teaching and other activities are available in the U.S as well as in Yemen. Also, the degrees and the years to get these degrees are the same. For example you need four years for bachelor’s degree and from five to seven for master degree in both countries. Getting to the differences which is more than the similarities. In America there is many options for you to pick the best college for you. While in Yemen there is not more than 30 universities in the whole country which make it really hard to get into. Not only that has limits the opportunities for students to get in but also the high fees that you have to pay. Unlike the united States where there is many programs and scholarships that pay for most of the students educations.

Even if there is many differences between both countries education systems. And how both systems deliver the information’s to the students in there own ways. But to say the truth the education in the United States is much better and it provide more opportunities for the students. This is why I’m here and many other students just to get a better education and

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