Difference Between Rehabilitation And Rehabilitation

Retribution and Rehabilitation Throughout the decades of correction, there has been an argument between rehabilitation and retribution. Although people think of prison as a reformatory, a place where criminals who have committed crimes pay their debt to society and learn their lessons, in order to return to society. People think of prison as a place of punishment, where the loss of freedom, limited privileges and rights are undertaken to enforce a punishment on criminals and to protect society. The question is which of these beliefs, retribution or rehabilitation, is more effective or important.
The concept of retribution is that criminals should be punished for the damage they have cause to society. This theory is believed to
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However, if corrections are left with only retribution than the only option would be life sentences or death penalties, which would result in turning back in time to “an eye for an eye.” Retribution’s punishments are set amounts rather than relative to the criminal and simply an eye for an eye will only make the world blind. The issue with rehabilitation causes overcrowding of facilities and it is expensive.
Yet, rehabilitation gives criminals the opportunity to return to society as upright citizens and to end recidivism. While threats of punishment deter crime and punishment are effective, there should still be rehabilitation to fix the underlining issues to end recidivism. Rehabilitation has taken a back seat to the concept “get tough on crime,” for a couple years, and only result increases in prison population with little effect on crime rates (Benson, 2003). Rehabilitation is more expensive and there is limited funds for rehabilitating
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The study found that combined punishment and rehabilitation worked by increasing one effort decreased the other. Therefore, the approach to decrease crime is to give resources, so that after being punished, criminals complete impactful intervention programs during their first stage of returning to society because excessively harsh or lenient punishments are less effective (Berenji, 2014). Which makes one think the mixture of both would be more effective in today’s correction because holding accountability is

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