Difference Between Deontology And Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism is one of the best known and influential moral theories. There are two different meanings to two words but at times, they can be the same perspective. Utilitarianism is different from ethical theories it makes the rightness and wrongness of an act dependent to a person. The right thing can be done from a bad motivation. There are consequences including good or bad by the act. It is between an action and their happiness or unhappy outcomes depending on the circumstances. There is no moral principle only itself of utilitarianism. It balances the individuality and community of happiness. The purpose of the morality is by making life better and increasing that amount of good deed. “Another aspect of utilitarianism is the belief that…show more content…
It only emphasizes the right actions and right intentions, with the importance of good and benefit by the actions. Deontology is considered as morally good because of the characteristic itself, not because of the product of action is a good thing already. Deontology can be very religious from the divine commandment is part of law. Deontology and Utilitarianism is pretty compatible with each other. Lying is unacceptable, for example, if someone lies in order to bring about desires. Deontologists live in a universe of moral rules, like, killing innocent people, stealing, cheating, or keeping promises. Everyone has a duty to do the right thing, even if it came out badly. Not only to have be motivated, also do the right thing. It is making a decision to whether you do good or bad in life. If we do something on our own choices, we know that is was our duty to do so. According to Kant, “The belief that people out not to be used, but ought to be regarded as having the highest intrinsic value, is central to my ethics, as is having a motive to do what is right,” (Kant…show more content…
One justifies a group of people in order to help a bigger group. And the other does not allow cases when causes harm to other people. It takes advantage of our happiness for the society. Society need good in deed, it is meaning to have a great happiness rather than sadness, not everything will have too unhappy just because of one little mistake. Everyone has a choice whether they want to be happy or not but most of all action is right. Deontology is only concerned with duties and obligations, they want everyone to follow their rules and do what is right. For example, the president of the United States makes a rule about health care, either way everyone has to follow what the conduct book says. No matter what anyone says we do what is right. Fulfilling a duty is like having to say we are responsible enough to take care of what needs to be done. Laws are morally good for people who are capable of following what is right. Everyone should be treated equally by everyone. They are both competing whether it is right or wrong, while they only believe that consequences can solve the problem of an act. It would be producing of how great good for the greatest number of people. It harms the innocent people that has been doing only the right thing. Both ethical theory has two different perspectives of what they want to prove the society, they both have a good point on each other. Finally, no one will be right or wrong because
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