Diego Rivera Vs Fida Kahlo Analysis

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Since the marriage in August 21st, 1929 Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo have been Mexico’s most important couple artists. While Diego was famous for painting in large murals, Frida was only known as his wife. However, in 1938, Frida’s small paintings were starting to get attention. Her style was unique, she had a talent that not many other artists did. She was willing to go to places where no one else has ever gone. Just like Frida, Diego had his own style. They both focused on the working class and their desire to use their art to transform political views.
Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907; however, she always considered the start of the Mexican Revolution in 1910 as her birth year. She wanted people to think of her with the revolution,“in …show more content…

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were a couple that inspired each other. Even after many years, people still consider them to be two of the most important Mexican painters of time. Each however had their own approach to painting and to finding success with their art work. They also had strong political opinions that would identify them with their native Mexico. Their love of Mexico’s working class and their desire to instigate political change kept them active throughout the years. After marrying each other they decided to focus even more in their art. Rivera and Kahlo moved to the United States for three years. As reported in the article Don Quijote “since Americans had taken a new interest in the Mexican mural movement. Rivera worked on commissioned murals in San Francisco, Detroit and New York. While he worked on these pieces, Kahlo busied herself in the shadows of the limelight creating much smaller paintings charged with a much more intimate expression”. Diego Rivera was not only Kahlo’s husband but also a big supported. He was the one that introduced her to the art community of New York and Mexico as he believed that Kahlo was the greatest mexican artist at that …show more content…

Kahlo decided to focus more in her personal life and the symbol of mexican art. Whereas Diego focused more in social themes. The fact that he wanted his art to be visible and understood by everyone was what made him succeed even more. Just like Rivera, Leo Tolstoy from the book Reading the word believed that “what distinguishes a work of art from all other mental activity is just the fact that its language is understood by all, and that it infects all without distinction”(Austin 267) and “great works of art are only great because they are accessible and comprehensible to everyone”(Austin 267). In an article from the Washington Post, it is stated how “with the revolution, and the chaos that followed, the formation of a Mexican identity wasn’t just an aesthetic project; artists struggled to take in hand the larger political definition of what it meant to be Mexican and what Mexico would become as a nation”. However, Kahlo and Rivera used unique styles that would show their mexican roots more

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