Dia De Los Muntos: Day Of The Dead

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Death and Life When you think of death, it usually connects with a million emotions at once, sadness, anger, regret, the empty feeling you have in your heart, or maybe even fear. But for the Mexican culture, death is happiness Of course everyone gets sad thinking about a loved one who has passed away, but they rather mourn in happiness than in sadness. Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead is an old Mexican tradition that has been transformed throughout the years.This special holiday is considered one of the most important ones in Mexico. It’s a time when family and friends gather to pray and remember those who have passed away. It originates from the Aztecs. Although the exact date of when this celebration began is unknown, it’s estimated…show more content…
This day is called All Saint’s Day because since the children who have passed away are believed to be pure, innocent souls. They were young and didn 't reached adulthood therefore they did not experience any evil in their life. On this day children are given sweets and toys similar to Halloween, in remembrance of the young ones who have passed. Lastly November 2, Dia de todos los Muertos, (Day of all the Dead) is the last day of this celebration that mostly focuses on the adults who have passed away. This last day is when majority of the celebration takes place.
Day of the dead is mainly celebrated in homes and graveyards. But as the years pass this celebration expands more. From street parties, festivals, and parades. It has also expanded to different countries than just Mexico, such as more of South America and even in the United States. As people migrated to different places throughout the years their traditions did as well. For example Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles holds an annual
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In these altares family members put pictures of their family members who have passed away, with some of their favorite foods and drinks. A big role in altares are candles, marigolds, salt, water, and skulls. The candles represent the light in which the souls should follow in order to find their homes. The marigolds are the official Day of the Dead flowers but other flowers can be used in their place as well. The flowers represent how fragile life is and the petals are also used to create a path for the souls to follow. The salt and water come as a pair. The salt is to remain pure from any evil they may attract to their visit on earth and the water is is not only to pass down the salt but to to quench the thirst as well because the souls have had a long journey and they need to remain hydrated. Lastly the skulls, majority of these skulls decoration are made of sugar because Mexico is rich in sugar but also because many people are poor it’s easier to make them rather than buying expensive decorations. The skulls are used to represent the soul, but why skulls? Aztecs believed that when a body had rotted away and there was only the bones left that 's where the soul would

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