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Deviance is the violation of social norms. Social norms and values determine what level of deviance is acceptable. My folkway violation was on the cultural norms in black churches about not wearing pants and not being late for services. I developed my foundation of religion in the A.M.E. (African Methodist Episcopal) church. The majority of the congregation is black. This is because of social norms only. When I was younger, Sunday mornings was filled with dressing in your best attire. For women my grandmother’s age (she took me to church) the dress was in the price range of 1-2 hundred dollars. A huge hat in the same price range, topped off with matching shoes and handbag. Stockings or pantyhose were mandatory. Being tardy was also a definite no- no. For a child my age the dress code was not as rigid. However, pants for females were not acceptable. The dress code in black churches is a bit more relaxed in this day and time, but not in the church, my family has attended for 3 generations. The same expectations from the old school are still expected. As reported in the article “The Disappearance of Sunday Best and the Relaxation of Proper Church Attire,” Timothy Sexton July 14, (2009)” The concept of Sunday best clothing is metaphorical. Sunday became the day of worship in western Christian society and that day of all days people were expected to be on their best behavior in deference to Jesus Christ. Church was the place to engage in your worship and respect of Christ; it was the place to be your best in the eyes of Jesus. Wearing one's best clothing then became a metaphorical concept of this more abstract idea of being at your best. Etiquette in this case requires that men wear suits and ties and nice pants and shoes whil... ... middle of paper ... ...a slight shift in the way some church-goers dress. For those customers, they make sure they carry stylish pant suits, blouses, skirts and other attire.” Real2channelh (2010) Rene Fowler (2010) also states, "The church home dictates how the fellowship dresses," my feeling on this is come as you are that god will not love you any more or less according to what you wear. References Works Cited Timothy Sexton July 14, (2009)” real2channelh February 25th, (2010)

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