Developing Mathematics Learning Skills

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Mathematics is a subject that many people fear and complain is too difficult to learn. The truth, however, is everyone is capable of learning mathematics, even complicated mathematics. They simply need to know the proper method of learning. Mathematics is different from other subjects. It is more than rote memorization. Developing learning skills is vital to learning mathematics. Study skills specific to the subject are required, as is developing problem solving skills and learning to properly deal with learning stresses.

Learning Mathematics

Mathematics Study Skills The first step in learning mathematics is to look over the materials provided, usually a textbook. Locate the glossary. The glossary will have the definition of mathematical terms used in the text. If the text does not have a glossary, locate the index. The index can be used to find the page that contains the definition of a mathematical term. Also, review the table of contents. If the textbook contains a section about ways to successfully use the textbook or a section containing tips for mathematics success review those before diving into the textbook. Before doing any work have supplies ready. Pencil, paper, highlighters, calculator (if required), and class notes all need to be within reach. Read the lesson slowly. Math lessons are not the daily newspaper to be skimmed over, but must be read thoroughly to gain understanding. Review the class notes. Write down mathematical terms used in the lesson and their meaning. Write down the steps used in the lesson. Do practice questions in the textbook and check the level of understanding. Use the highlighter to highlight areas that you are having difficulties with. Review the highlighted areas and ask...

... middle of paper ... clear and specific feedback for a student. A student will be able to identify what area of their work needs improvement The rubric provides more detailed feedback than a simple number grade. Rubrics can be very detailed or more generic. Two examples of rubrics are shown below.

Dealing with math learning stress Some individuals have an increased amount of stress when doing mathematical work. To deal with math stress the individual must identify what is causing the stress. If the problem is a lack of understanding mathematical terms then studying the terms will alleviate the stress. If the problem is a lack of understanding concepts and procedures then a tutor might be necessary. It is vital that an individual with math stress know that it is possible to “catch up” and that anyone can learn mathematics.
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