Determining the Concentration of a Sodium Carbonate Solution

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Determining the Concentration of a Sodium Carbonate Solution

Calculating the quantities and the concentration of the reagents

Sodium Carbonate + Hydrochloric acidà Sodium Chloride + Carbon Dioxide

+ Water

Na CO + 2HCL à 2NaCl + CO

+H O

Calculating the approximate concentration of the sodium carbonate

solution (mol dm ³)

Approx = 5 5

= 0.0472mol dm ³

Concentration Mr 46+12+48

The approximate concentration of Sodium Carbonate is 0.0472mol dm ³

If the HCl needs to be twice as big as the alkali it needs to be

multiplied by 2 so it should be 0.10 mol dm ³ (approximately)

Alkali : Acid

1 : 2

0.05 : x

0.05 : 0.10

I have decided that 24cm³ (parts) water is needed to 1cm³ (part) acid

so you will need to divide 2.5 by 25 to get (0.05 x 2) which is 0.10

(as shown above)

Water : Acid

24 : 1

Equipment, apparatus and chemicals

The amounts of solutions needed on:-

ü 20cm³ of 2.5 moles of Hydrochloric acid

ü 480cm³ of distilled water

ü 250cm³ of Sodium Carbonate

ü Methyl orange Indicator(which is red in acid and yellow in alkali)

The apparatus needed for dilution of the acid:-

ü Labels- so we can tell which beaker contains what.
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