Destroying Avalon Character Analysis

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The novel further explores the reasons as to why individual vs Individual conflict arises which is due to predominantly envy the perpetrator feels towards the victim thus being perceived as a threat to them and potentially their social status. The novel examines in depth the predominant initiator of the conflicts experienced by Avalon. The sole instigator of the conflict she experiences is jealousy due to the abstruse envious feelings of the major antagonists named Alice and Sukey, one of Avalon's first friends as well as " Dragon Girl", the predominant perpetrator of the bullying Avalon is continually subjected to. Throughout the novel, Avalon experiences conflict with one of the popular girls named Alice who as a result of being envious of …show more content…

Her obsessive desire to belong and integrate into her new school environment soon provoked the various conflicts to arise which had pernicious impacts on herself and those around her. The novel follows fourteen-year-old Avalon as she moves from the country to an urban high school and finds herself in the centre of a brutal, bullying campaign in which she is inundated with loathsome messages from the anonymous students at her school who constantly exhibit hostility towards her as a result of her reputation. Avalon’s hopes of fitting into her new school environment are hindered when she is rejected by the popular girls and in turn, is forced to question and constantly doubt herself as to why she was not integrating with the others at school. This is established when Avalon overheard one of the popular girls say to her other friend that she is completely up herself, which prompted her to question as to why they rejected her and what she had done wrong to them “ It really worried me. I wasn’t sure what reason anyone would have not to like me. I hadn’t done anything wrong - though I felt like everything I did was wrong ”. This quote tells the reader that Avalon’s desire to fit was the sole instigator of her inner conflict due to being rejected by the popular girls. As an aftermath of this conflict, Avalon's behavior begins to change negatively engendering conflict between herself and family due to her behavior changes and hostile attitude she exhibited towards her younger sister, Ruby. McCaffrey establishes the fact that the conflict she had infuriated her to an extent in which she couldn't control her emotions, thus the need to exhibit anger and exasperation towards her family. Furthermore, another deleterious impact which was a result

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