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Mirror Image Analysis In the short story Mirror Image the author addresses a great deal of self realization, defining the protagonist Alice throughout the story. An important theme about this character is focusing on how experiences change the views and perceptions we make of ourselves. Within the first few paragraphs the writer distinguishes the significance for the sunglasses Alice wears constantly throughout the story. “Alice took to wearing sunglasses all the time, to remind herself, to keep something constantly in front of her eyes that would remind her she looked different.” (pg.1) This quote implies Alice does not know who she is yet, and she uses the sunglasses to shield herself from her fears and sense of self. Another experience …show more content…

A major conflict is focusing on after Alice’s brain operation, she perceives to everyone and herself she’s the same girl she used to be. Unfortunately, her friends and family don’t agree that she is the same person. “You’re always saying that you are still you because you have the same brain, but who is to say that your whole personality is in your head?” (pg.5) Jenny argues that Alice is a completely different person than who she used to be. Their mother stands up for Alice but secretly does not agree with her, she does not see Alice as the daughter she used to have. “Sometimes I think my sister is dead.” (pg.5) This similar quote is showing how powerful Jenny feels about the new Alice and her failure to see how Alice is truly seeking self reflection. “Alice stared at her mother, but again her mother avoided her eyes.” (pg.5) This final quote impacts the reader 's empathetically and Alice immeasurably knowing that her own mother doesn’t accept her for who she is now. These quotes show the frustration from Alice and her family, skillfully building apprehensive conflict in the rising …show more content…

“At one time looking at her was like looking at a mirror” (pg.2) This simile shows how insecure Alice is with herself and finds comfort looking at her sister remembering that they used to look identical. She finds Jenny’s body more familiar than her own. The mirror symbolizes the way she interacts with everyone throughout the course of the story for the way she views herself. She can 't come to a conclusion of who she is on her own so she looks to others to tell her, until she finds Mr. Jarred. He reassures her self doubts and she evolves with satisfaction and

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how addresses a great deal of self realization, focusing on how experiences change the views and perceptions we make of ourselves.
  • Analyzes how jenny plays an extensive role in developing alice's character, focusing on her insecurities of finding her true self and pushing her to define her mind and soul.
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