Designing the Set for William Shakespeare' s Romeo and Juliet

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Designing the Set for William Shakespeare' s Romeo and Juliet I am going to look at each scene in which Romeo and Juliet appear

together in the play and describe how I would like the characters to

be presented on the stage. I will be including; the way they speak to

one another, there facial expressions, their gestures, their movement

and actions, there feelings, pauses and silences, the effect of the

language used on the audience, their costumes and where the scenes

will be set.

Romeo and Juliet is about two families, the Montagues and the

Capulet's. The two families are always fighting and after one

especially bad fight the Prince orders them to stop fighting or face

harsh consequences. The two families then agree a truce.

However at a party at the Capulet mansion Romeo (Son of Montague)

meets Juliet (Daughter of Capulet) and the two fall in love. But the

two of them don't want to tell their families in case of an increase

of tension between the two of them.

Romeo and Juliet then get married by Friar Lawrence without anyone

knowing. Unfortunately Tybalt (Son of Capulet) finds out and attacks

Romeo. Romeos friend Mercutio (who is homosexual) then tries to help

Mercutio but Tybalt kills him. Romeo then kills Tybalt in vengeance.

Romeo is then banished because he killed Tybalt and while he's away

arrangements are made for Juliet to marry Paris (rich, attractive

man). Friar Lawrence then helps Juliet by giving her a potion that

will ...

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...n leave Juliet wakes up and they

kiss. While they are kissing. Juliet's nurse enters the room and tells

Juliet that her mother is on the way up. Romeo will then bid fare well

to Juliet before exiting via the window. At that moment Lady Capulet

will enter through the door and tell Juliet that she must marry Paris

on Thursday. This upsets Juliet and when her father comes into the

room to confirm that Lady Capulet has told her, she will bluntly

refuse. This will enrage Lord Capulet and he will slap her repeatedly

round the face and then pick her up and throw her around the room,

whilst shouting at her about her disloyalty and ungratefulness. In

this scene Juliet will be wearing a white dressing gown, Lord Capulet

will be wearing a suit, Lady Capulet will be wearing a green dress and

the Nurse will be wearing red overalls.

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