Designing A Building With A Project Manager

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The pre-construction phase is vital to any major project as it’s where everything gets sorted out. You will have the client that has a plan on what building they will want, they will work closely with a project manager. An architect that will listen to the client’s needs regarding what they want. The designer will design the building with help from the architect. (Wiki 2016) Schematic diagram of job roles (Wiki 2016) During the construction programme, there are 8 planning stages known as Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) RIBA Plan of Works 2013: • Strategic Definition – Stage 0 • Preparation and Brief – Stage 1 • Concept Design – Stage 2 • Developed Design – Stage 3 • Technical Design- Stage 4 • Construction – Stage 5 • Handover and Close out – Stage 6 • In Use – Stage 7 Strategic Definition – Stage 0 The strategic definition will consist of the client’s project and a strategic brief. During the initial discussions, they will consider options on where to build the project. Maybe extend on to existing buildings and renovate buildings (RIBA 2013). Preparation and brief – Stage 1 This stage is to advance on the initial strategic brief to the project brief, the project brief is vital as it will include site surveys, building surveys if you’re renovating or adding to an existing building and site surveys such as soil tests and if the building has asbestos in how do you plan to remove it. Feasibility studies may consist of cost, planning procedures and environmental impact on where the project is being built (RIBA 2013). Concept Design – Stage 2 Concept design is all the gathered information from the project brief to create the plans for the construction project. This will relate to what the client wants and it will show... ... middle of paper ... ...vailable: nationalbimlibrary. (2016). BIM explained. Available: Designing Buildings Wiki. (2016). Brownfield Land. Available: Deisgn Buildings Wiki. (2016). Project team for building design and construction. Available: Davies, J. (2014). Pitched Roof Construction – Part 2. Available: Deisgn Buildings Wiki. (2016). Domestic roofs. Available: Proshield. (2016). Flat Roof Insulation systems. Available:
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