Desdemona's Loyalty In Othello

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In William Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello’, he characterises Desdemona’s character to demonstrate her faithfulness towards Othello, so deeply that she endures her unjustifiable death in silence. Shakespeare weaves the theme of loyalty and lack of throughout his play to demonstrate the tragedy of Desdemona’s sincerity. Desdemona’s devoted loved for Othello had blinded her to willingly hand her soul into his hands. She saw Othello as a superior being to her, as she perceived him to be greater and most noble, degrading herself allowing him to take her last breath. In Shakespeare’s play he conveyed that by Desdemona behaving and obeying to societal norms she ultimately motivated Othello to doubt her resulting in her fatality.

Desdemona’s unconditional
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After getting married Desdemona’s independence shifts to obedience, representing traditional women of Shakespearean’s time, whom after marriage become are possession of their partner. As the characters of ‘Othello’ are from Italy, a country heavily based on religion especially during the 15th century, many of the characters are influenced by faith. Referring to Othello as ‘lord’, a noun, that imports significate value to him in a heavenly manner, this repetition demonstrates that Desdemona lowers herself to Othello to be a respective wife. Shakespeare emphases this as he continues to have Desdemona respond to Othello with her in awe and admiration. As she does not reply against him nor oppose to prove herself pure. She believed that by accommodating to Othello’s acts she will prove herself innocent and the death will revive her innocents. ‘So much I challenge that I may profess’ she expresses that’s she must be obedience to her lord as she accepts the mistreatment she encounters. By Shakespeare portraying Desdemona, as women whom lacks defensibly against her spouse, demonstrates the power men have been given for century over their wives. Due to Desdemona maturing in an environment that supports this behaviour she was punished for being truthful, causing her…show more content…
‘Othello’ highlights the gender roles that are placed on men and women during Shakespeare’s time. Symbolising Desdemona as an obedient wife to Othello, Shakespeare illustrates the lack of freedom women had, oppressed by the culture that is practiced that restricts women making them feel remorseful for defending themselves from dominant male figures. The dishonour Desdemona perceives from Othello’s misdirected rage, evokes her to feel not worthy of the role as his wife. As outspoken women were looked down upon during the Elizabethan era, Desdemona felt that she would further anger Othello if she were to be disrespectful. Desdemona represents the vulnerability women felt when standing for their rights in the late 1600’s, being overpowered by the community’s destructive attitudes and behaviours against them. As Desdemona pays the price of a ‘guiltless death’ the dramatic irony is established that she resigned herself to her death out of goodness and honesty she retained till Othello concluded her end. As Desdemona’s innocence’s was the key to this tragic text, set in play be
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