The History Of Radio City Music Hall

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A young girl steps out of a yellow cab with a sparkle in her eye. As she looks up, she sees the biggest and brightest marquee hovering over Sixth Avenue, on the corner of Fiftieth Street. Wearing her finest red dress and paten strapped shoes, she grabs her mother’s hand and smiles with excitement. Walking into the largest indoor theatre in the world, this young girl is about to experience a spectacular like she has never seen before. New York City has forever marked the heart of this seven-year-old girl. For this one experience eternally transformed her view of the theater. After entering Radio City Music Hall and seeing the glistening chandelier hanging from above, the magical charm of this New York City landmark will forever be engraved. A “palace created for the people”, Radio City Music Hall is a place for entertainment, amusement, elevation, and inspiration (“History”). If the history wasn’t enough to keep Radio City alive, the future continues to look bright. Radio City is not only an artifact of the past, but the origin for the future. With advanced innovations and consistent pressure to compete with the rest of New York City, Radio City Music Hall thrives as the showplace of the nation. The history of this landmark begins in 1929, during the stock market crash, when John D. Rockefeller decided to turn a piece of property in the heart of New York City, formerly known as “the speakeasy belt,” into an entire complex of architectural and cultural phenomenon (“History”). Even though the city flooded with vacant rental spaces, constructing such superior buildings symbolized hope and optimism, drawing the attention of many commercial tenants. In search for a partner in this large feat, Radio Corporation of America stepped up to t... ... middle of paper ... ...s on the stage at Radio City creates a lasting impression, making Radio City what it is today. Essentially, Radio City is a “music hall that it needs no performers” because of the everlasting beauty that in essence is New York City (“History”). As the curtain came down, the audience roared. The same little girl is now twenty years old. She gets out her cell phone and quickly sneaks a picture of the beautiful golden curtain. Captioning the photo as “the best spectacular on earth”, she posts it to Instagram and hits over one hundred “likes” within minutes. She walks outside and looks up at the marquee. With a smile on her face, she walks to the subway dreaming of the day she will be on that stage. This celebrated theatre has found a place in her heart, creating an eternal love for New York and an eternal love for the beautiful landmark that is Radio City Music Hall.

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