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Chapel Hill’s Memorial Hall hosted performing artist Chris Thile on September 12th to delight a full house with a comedic, live, musical performance featuring himself. Appearing as a one-man-show, Thile stood simply on stage with his mandolin around his neck and a microphone in front of him to capture his witty banter and southern vocals. Throughout the course of the night, technical errors threatened to detract from the show but Thile took them in stride as he worked the mishaps gracefully into his act. Overall, the performance was executed to the high standards of the Grammy Award Winning musician and his famously diverse and spontaneous art was eloquently displayed to his lively audience members. Appropriately named An Evening with Chris…show more content…
At one point, while Thile told a story of how growing up in a Christian house hold influenced the religious title of his next song, the stage lights suddenly became extremely bright. Thile’s response to the lighting issue was to shield his eyes while he looked up and ask “God? I’m sorry about the name of the song,” which provided comedic relief to the situation and played well into his bit about his religious song title. Later in the night as Thile spoke about his choice of title for a different song the strap to his mandolin broke suddenly and he managed to catch the instrument in time before it hit the ground; Thile playfully followed the event with “I spent so much money on the Mandolin that I thought I could save some money on the strap,” again, allowing some relief to the potentially devastating incident. The spontaneous and humored performance felt intimate because of Thile’s comfortable and fluent stage presence, allowing his audience to relax and enjoy the…show more content…
Thile presented a professional but laid back presence which allowed his audience to relax enough to focus on his musical abilities. Thile also escaped catastrophe through witty comments that did not avoid the troubles but instead recognized them and helped move the show forward and away from the mistakes in order to continue to appreciate his performance instead of worrying about the unavoidable flaws. In choosing to perform as a solo artist, Thile presented himself thourgh his music, allowing it to remain spontaneous and accurate to his own abilities which spoke greatly to the talented performer he is. Thile’s concert was a recognizably unrepeatable event that displayed the abilities of an artist who’s live talents demonstrate his successful musical

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