Descriptive Essay About My Mother

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My aunt was an accommodating nurse a lot of people loved. When she died she was 50 years old. Today she could have been 53 years old. She left behind 3 sweet boys who broke my heart to watch them see their mom leave. She was an average sized women about 5’5” with really thin short dark chocolate brown hair. Her skin was as rough as sandpaper, because she was a hard working women. I remember she had a medium sized table in her bedroom full of perfumes and lotions and every-time I hugged her she smelled like Victoria Secret scents. I also remember her always wearing this purple sweater my mom gave to her one year. She wore that sweater everywhere she went. In most of the pictures I have with her she comes out wearing the purple sweater. She…show more content…
She made it easier to get my brother seen by the doctor as soon as possible. She was a nurse there so they paid attention to her. While he was at the hospital my aunt took us to her house. She didn’t want my sister and I to be surrounded by all the chaos. My sister and I were worried and nervous, but she calmed us down. She said to us “Everything is going to be okay.” Her lovely voice was music to my ears. Listening to her say that I knew everything was going to be okay. I knew I could always trust what she told me. She put on a movie for us to get our mind off of what was happening and made us something to eat. By the end of the movie we were asleep and my brother was home. I will never forget the day she helped us out. Even though my aunt lived miles away we still managed to visit each other. If we didn’t go visit she would come visit us. I never got to say good-bye to her. I remember the last time I got to see her she told me “See you soon.” In this case there was no see you soon. Who ever knew it was going to be the last time I got to hug her, talk to her and see her smile. Where ever she is I hope she is still smiling like she always did here on
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