Descriptive Essay About Disney World

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Almost all American families take a vacation. Whether it be only a few hours down the interstate or to the other side of the country, families like taking trips together. From camping in the mountains to fishing in the Caribbean, every family has a “spot” that they go to make memories and enjoy each other’s company. For my family, there is always one place we will visit every year, almost like a pilgrimage. That place is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, my favorite place in the world. Every year, my family picks a week out of the calendar that everyone is available, and we buy our tickets for Disney World. We start our count down until the trip begins. When the time finally arrives, we pack up the car, secure the house, and begin our yearly pilgrimage to the home of Mickey Mouse. The journey isn’t a fairly long one, around seven hours of driving, but it sure can be tiring. When we arrive at the condo, we take all the stuff upstairs: coolers full of food, suitcases for…show more content…
The trip to Disney World gives me the ability to bond and enjoy time with my family without any worries other than what the next ride is going to be or what kind of pin I want for my collection. It allowed me to realize how fortunate I am in this world and what kind of people my parents are to allow me to go to such an amazing place, year after year. And it is simply a fun experience for me to go back to having a worry free lifestyle as that of a child, and enjoy the simple things in life such as a hug with Donald Duck or eating ice cream with family. My pilgrimage to Disney World has been something of a family holiday, such as Christmas, that has helped make me who I am today. This is why Disney World is my favorite place in the world, and probably will remain so for the rest of my life. I hope one day that I might be able to continue this pilgrimage as a legacy with my children, and maybe they with
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