Description of Language Used in "Doctor Faustus"

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Doctor Faustus was written during 1588-92 (A text), by Christopher Marlowe (1564-93). The passage in question (1.1.121-150) is from a conversation between Faustus, the main protagonist, and two friends, who are trying to tempt him into practicing the art of necromancy. From this passage, I will describe some of the features of the language that I feel are distinctive. In addition, I will show how poetic technique and punctuation enhance these features and finally, demonstrate how they all convey meanings to the audience. It is evident on first reading the passage that the language used is heightened and flamboyant, for example; ‘Like Almaine rutters with their horsemen’s staves’ (1.1.127). Figurative language, such as simile, is utilized here (Pacheco, p38), creating powerful imagery for the audience. Marlowe portrays the three friends as glamorous and their future achievements as worthwhile; however, he has subtle means of informing the audience that all is not as the characters anticipate. Marlowe has incorporated the ambiguous word‘…perform’ (1.1.138) in this pa...
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