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With over 175 weeks on the number one slot, this band has been the most famous and influential band ever. It all started as a quartet from England, dreaming a dream, a dream about music, and a dream about life. The year is 1960, and 4 young teenage boys are recording their first song “Love Me Do.” Little did they know how famous they would become. I’m talking of course about the famous band, the Quarrymen. Oh, you have never heard of them? You may know them better as “The Beatles”, a band composed of four members. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr made up this legendary quartet. What these four boys did not know, was that only a few measly years after their first single, that they would be starting riots. Concerts sold out, and thousands of people imitating their every move. We have all heard the success story of the Beatles, but I am going to tell you how it all began. (“Beatlemania”)
The band was not officially formed until 1960, but the boys all met at different points during the 1950’s. (“Beatlemania”) It all began when John Lennon met Paul McCartney playing at a Village. Paul surprised Lennon with his ability to remember all the lyrics to “Twenty Flight Rock” and also his commendable guitar skills. Very soon after Paul was invited to the band, the duo met George Harrison on a bus on the way to school. George had taken a notice that Paul McCartney kept a guitar on the school bus, and soon they became friends. Over time, Paul and George convinced John Lennon to allow George into the Beatles. This is right around the time that the success of the Beatles really took off. Slowly, around the late 50’s and early 60’s, the Beatles (only known then as the Quarrymen) started to build up popularity around Li...

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...still alive, but only play together every so often and things such as charity concerts. (“History of Rock and Roll”)
The end of the Beatles rose as tensions built up during the 1970’s. Paul and John were simply too different in their styles of music writing, and both started to branch their separate ways and create solo albums. It was in the year 1971 that the Beatles officially broke up. The last time the Beatles had played as a full band was in 1971, on top of their recording studio. The band realized that they couldn’t perform any concerts any more, due to their mass popularity, so in a final act of musical talent, they simply went on top of their building without telling anyone, and played music until the police shut them down. And with that, you now understand how the Beatles came to be, and how the legendary quartet rose to what they are today. (“Beatlemania”)

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how the beatles, the quarrymen, and john lennon, paul mccartney, george harrison and ringo starr became famous after recording their first song "love me do."
  • Explains that the beatles were formed in 1960, but the boys all met at different points during the 1950's. paul and george convinced john lennon to allow george into the band.
  • Describes how the beatles became a living legend in england in 1963, when they appeared on "the ed sullivan show."
  • Explains that the beatles were a huge success within the teenage community, but adults were wary. john lennon did not help to refute this name.
  • Explains that the beatles were one of the first bands to write all of their own music. they essentially redefined how modern day pop music is by using hidden lyrics and multiple styles of sounds, like distortion.
  • Narrates how the beatles released their finest album, "abbey road." the album was a new turn in the music industry, involving new sounds and topics, but showed the building tensions of the members.
  • Narrates how john winston lennon was the founder of the beatles and a great inspiration to many people, including his wife, yoko ono.
  • Explains that paul mccartney, george harrison, and ringo starr all grew up wanting to play music, but disagreed very often.
  • Explains how the beatles broke up in 1971, when they realized they couldn't perform concerts anymore due to their mass popularity, and played music until the police shut them down.
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