Denver's New Airport

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Denver International Airport is undergoing innovative change through various initiatives, and policies. Given that DIA is the country’s largest airport, it is vital for budgetary and project planning be addressed and redeveloped into an efficient and productive manner. As the lead consultant of management, I am responsible for assessing the cost and service challenges in relation to the construction and operation of the new airport in Denver, Colorado. Furthermore, the comprehensive report provided will recommend solutions and strategies that address these cost and service problems. The information collected indicated that the DIA needs options for reducing the loss of travelers and revenue to the Colorado Springs Airport. Furthermore, an assessment of the major components and considerations results to a cost-benefit analysis for building the new airport. As indicated in this report, the DIA will follow five steps that make up the formal cost benefit analysis for enhanced quality construction and operation. In addition, the DIA assessment reveals that several components were overlooked resulting in the $3.2 billion in cost overruns. The recommendations consist of strategizing cost and service problems, constructing a one-mile runway, and a 10-step project-planning guide. The three recommendations provide adequate solutions that will reduce the loss of travelers and revenue to the Colorado Springs Airport. This report is a comprehensive assessment with recommendations from extensive research of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Project Management Life Cycle, and Cost-Benefits Analysis Guide. Scope and Methodology On October 31, 1994, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) distributed... ... middle of paper ... ... policies, procedures and practices. Works Cited Federal Aviation Administration (1999). FAA Airport Benefit-Cost Analysis Guidance. Retrieved June 29th, 2010, from 33 Federal Aviation Administration (2010). Benefit Cost Analysis. Retrieved June 28th, 2010, from Method 123 Project Method Methodology (2009). Project Management Life Cycle. Retrieved June 30th, 2010, from Mikesell, J. L. (2007). Fiscal Administration (7ed.). United States: Thomson Wadsworth. Snyder B. (2010). Top 5 Ways US Airways Might Increase Revenues or Reduce Costs. Retrieved June 27, 2010, from

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