Dehumanization In Michael Bay's Film, The Island

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Can a copy be their own person? Do people have the right to play God and cheat death? These are just two questions that are brought to light in Michael Bay’s thriller, The Island. This film focuses on the two main protagonists, Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta, as they learn the truth about what happens at the research facility they are housed at. Those accompanying Lincoln and Jordan in the facility believe that the outside world has been contaminated, making it unsuitable for human life. The community is centered around winning “The Lottery,” which is a one-way ticket to the only contagion-free island left in the world. Lincoln realizes that getting sent to “the island” truly means being slain for healthy human organs. This ultimately forces Lincoln and Jordan to make the …show more content…

The population of the research facility is dehumanized in that they have no personal autonomy. Lincoln and Jordan are not in control of any part of their life, from the activities they participate to what they eat. They are assigned menial jobs that have no clear purpose. Furthermore, the clones are identical to those that pay for the insurance claim in every way that matters. Both the buyers and clones are genetically identical to ensure that the buyers are able to take whatever is needed from the clones to live long and prosperous lives. The population outside of the compound is told that their insurance policies are not capable of conscious thought, which further exemplifies just how nonhuman the company views the clones. Those within the company at the compound treat the clones as strictly property. The clones are not granted names, just numbers to differentiate them from each other. Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta are two examples of this throughout the film. This further emphasizes the idea that the clones are not capable or autonomous human, and are lesser than the purported real

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