Definition Of The Social Responsibility Of A Business

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Ahmed Ebrahim Hanafy
Dr. Hardeep Anant
BUS 101: Introduction to business
01 January 2015
What are the social responsibilities of a business?

Definition of the theory of social responsibility is to force individuals and groups behave in a way that is good for the public interest of community. which means that the company is socially responsible, it was smaller than the main objectives, policies and processes not only on laws and regulations, but also for the growth and well-being and used for the best. Three basic practices commonly used in community development and charitable work and create a good value.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the nationality of the company or the so-called corporate social responsibility, is also a form
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They are characterized by strategic and operational decisions can take advantage of higher or lower costs, but directly to the social responsibility initiatives for growth in corporate profits in connection is not always possible. Using many of the non-financial reasons for the company to assess the benefits of corporate social responsibility. For example, he can deploy socially responsible practices in their efforts and to keep the staff alerted about their responsibility is a way to manage risk. A part of corporate social responsibility is vital for the company, but they say that in many parts of the course to maximize shareholder value. To build on the work, corporate social responsibility, and companies such efforts, "the market for green washing" divert attention from policy is unpopular, such as pollution or transfer of jobs…show more content…
Ethical marketing companies that sell to consumers ethics and bring more value to their customers and respect, and people who are good in themselves. Do not try to manipulate or distort the potential customers. It is important for companies that want to be unethical.
Do you understand what is "socially acceptable" you should understand. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about using all aspects of your business to improve the world around them. While many believe that the right to social responsibility, environmental and global issues, and many other aspects of socially
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